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Operation Warm Winter GIVEAWAY provides new coats and boots to 58 school children

Operation Warm Winter provided 58 elementary school children with a bag containing a nice new winter coat and winter boots at their annual GIVEAWAY at the Word of Life Assembly of God Church Gym on December 1. Pastor Ken Frazier said that the 58 children represent about 15% of the local elementary school population.

WOLA Pastor Ken Frazier, Alexus Bellino with her mom Melissa Bellino, and Kathy Newton together with five grateful children

In addition to these children, another 15 children who had not signed up in time for the giveaway are now on a waiting list and will receive coats and boots in the near future.

Alexus Bellino, a junior at Burney High School,  organized this year’s Operation Warm Winter for her Senior Project. Her mother, Melissa Bellino, came to help with the distribution.

Alexus Bellino and her mom Melissa

Ms. Bellino said, “What moved me to do this project was to give back to the community. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces after they received their gifts was definitely the best part of the project. I hope to do it next year as well.”

Melissa Bellino chatting with a child

Bellino worked in coordination with Kathy Newton and other volunteers from WOLA.

As the children were signed up, they were supplied with paper and crayons that they used to express their gratitude in creative drawings.

Kids expressing their gratitude in colorful drawings

In addition to providing coats and boots for children, Operation Warm Winter also collected donations of gently used clothing. These clothes were neatly organized on tables and made available to people in the community who needed them. Ms. Bellino said that any leftover clothing will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Gently used warm winter clothing for people in need

Adults and children who came to the charitable affair were also treated to hot chocolate and cookies by WOLA volunteers.

Cookies and Hot Chocolate

WOLA began Operation Warm Winter in 2007 under the coordination of Stephanie Pruitt. The purchase of the jackets and boots is made possible by donations from church members and the community. A major fundraiser for the program the past few years has been the concert by the Ohio Northern University Choir held in the late Spring.

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Operation Warm Winter GIVEAWAY December 1

Click on image to enlarge

Operation Warm Winter will be holding their annual winter GIVEAWAY on December 1 from 3-5 p.m.

Operation Warm Winter is a project of Word of Life Assembly of God (WOLA) located at 37341 Main Street in Burney.

Operation Warm Winter supplies new coats and boots to disadvantaged elementary school students.

In addition, at their annual GIVEAWAY, they provide gently used winter clothing to people in need. Clothing donations are being accepted at the church.

People in the community who would like to donate clothing or funds or who would like more information about the program, please call 530-335-4419.

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4K for Cancer Cyclists stop in Burney on their way to San Francisco

Twenty young adults riding bicycles cross country to show support for young adults and their families impacted by cancer arrived in Burney on Saturday afternoon. This was Day 63 of their 70 day ride from Baltimore to San Francisco.

4K for Cancer riders at Gepetto’s with Kathy Newton and Sarah Clarke

The riders enjoyed a wonderful pizza dinner at Gepetto’s compliments of Bob Moore with salads made by Burney community gardeners.

After dinner the group went to visit Burney Falls and then spent the night at the Word of Life Assembly of God gym. They left Baltimore on June 4 and plan to finish their ride at Chrissy Field in San Francisco around noon on August 12.

Sara Brown from Fredericksburg, VA and Meldrick Umahon from Livingston, New Jersey are the group leaders for the ride.

Nate Fanzione, Jen Wedekind, Meldrick Umahon, and Sara Brown

Umahon said that two spectacular highlights of the journey were their rides at Crater Lake and through Rocky Mountain National Park. He said that the warm welcome they received  in Arapahoe, New Mexico was also very special. They were there on July 4 and were invited to ride in the Independence Day Parade.

The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a non-profit organization that changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. The headquarters of the organization is located in Baltimore.

One of the riders from Columbia, Maryland, Nate Fanzone said, “The 4K for Cancer is my way of showing support for all young adults impacted by cancer. We ride in solidarity with their fight and UCF stands side by side with the cancer community every stop of the way.”

Group leader Umahon said, “I’ve been inspired by the human passion to fight and keep going in life. The 4K for cancer explores the heart, mind, and spirit of motivated individuals to make change. I could not be more honored to serve humanity and letting others continue to laugh and love.

Kathy Newton from WOLA and Sarah Clarke helped to host the cyclists during their stay in Burney.

Articles on past 4K for Cancer events:

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4K for Cancer Runners enjoy pizza at Gepetto’s

Dozens of young adults running across America to raise awareness and support for young adults with cancer enjoyed a pizza dinner at Gepetto’s on Wednesday night June 21 during their rest stop in Burney.

4K for Cancer Runners enjoy Pizza at Gepetto’s

Twenty-eight runners from more than a dozen states are making the run. Many of them have had family members who were victims of cancer. They left San Francisco on June 18 and will finish in New York on August 5.

Runners run between 6 and 16 miles each day. Team members are partnered up with the same teammate for their day’s miles, but a different teammate each day.  Pairs are dropped along the route in two-mile increments. At the end of each segment they have time to rest in the support van. Every  3-6 days, the whole team stops for a rest stop.

Word of Life Church (WOLA) is hosting the runners while they are here. Kathy Newton helped to organize their stay. The runners arrived on June 20th. The 21st is a rest day during which they visited Burney Falls. On June 22, they will resume their cross-country run.

Prior to their visit, Ms. Newton gave a presentation at the Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River and Robert Moore, the owner of Gepetto’s, generously offered to provide them a pizza dinner.

The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults,  a non-profit organization that changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults and their loved ones impacted by cancer.

Rachel Sortino from Omaha, Nebraska and Sandy Lam from Indiana are co-directors for this run. Abby Rentschler from Sabine, Michigan is the leg leader for the California and Oregon stretch of the run helping to plan places to stay along route.

Sandy Lam, Abby Rentschler, and Rachel Sortino

Ms. Sortino’s father is a cancer survivor. He took up marathon running and challenged his daughter to join him. Subsequently, they have run five or six races together. She has also been involved in the cancer support community. She decided to join the 4K for Cancer Run because it is an “amazing combination of the two.”

Ms. Sortino said, “Our goal is to raise awareness for the Ullman Cancer Fund’s mission to provide support and services for young adults with cancer while also raising money for those services.”

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Burney 4-H washes cars to support Hauge for Honorary Mayor.

Nine members of the Burney 4-H held a car wash in the parking lot of Word of Life Assembly of God on Wednesday morning June 14 to raise money for Dana Hauge’s campaign for Honorary Mayor of Burney. Hauge is raising money for the Burney 4-H.

4-H members wash car at WOLA for Honorary Mayor’s race

Her campaign motto is “To give any and every child the chance to have safe fun and develop citizenship, leadership responsibility, and life skills through youth activities.”

Her vision is to develop an “indoor and outdoor youth facility for youth sports with space for club and organizational meetings as well as indoor and outdoor sports fields and courts for year-round play and learning.”

If you would like to vote for Dana, stop by the Rex Club or give your donation for her campaign to any 4-H member. You can also donate at any fitness center where she is doing personal training. Every dollar donated counts as one vote.

Dana said that she is enjoying running for Mayor and that the 4-H may try to hold another fundraising event before the campaign ends on June 28.

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4K for Cancer Runners coming to Burney June 20

Click on flyer to enlarge

4K for Cancer Runners will be passing through Burney on June 20.  The Word of Life will be providing meals and a place for them to rest their bodies.

Please help support these young adults by assisting them in providing meals to these dedicated individuals.

For more information or to help, please contact  Kathy Newton at or by phone at 335-4419.

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Vince Wall to offer another public speaking class at WOLA

Click on photo to enlarge

Click on photo to enlarge

Vince Wall will be beginning another eight-week public speaking class on January 18. The Class will be held on Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Enrollment will be limited to ten people.

The course combine some lectures with ample opportunity for individual and group speaking exercises and will follow the following schedule:

Week 1: Introduction of course and goals. Review of pre-speech preparation items and logistics. Introduction and work on “The Self-Introduction” activity.
Week 2-3: Review and conclusion of Self-Introduction. Beginning of “Introducting of Another Speaker Activity.” Students will be paired to interview and introduce another speaker.
Week 4-5: Review and conclusion of “Introducing Another Speaker.” Beginning of “Introducing a Topic Activity.” Participants will introduce a topic, idea, or proposal to the group.
Week 6-7: Review and conclusion of the previous weeks’ activities. Introduction to the “Short Presentation Activity.” Participants will give a 3-5 minute talk on a subject of their choosing.
Week 8: Conclusion of Short Presentation activity. Beginning of “Long Presentation Activity.” Participants will deliver a 5-8 minute presentation that may included visual aids. This talk will be open to the public.

Mr. Wall has had extensive training in public speaking including 160 hours mandatory training during his employment at Cal Fire. As Deputy Chief, he delivered many speeches to audiences ranging in size from small audiences to a thousand people. He also was an instructor at Cal Fire Academy.

You can sign up for the course at WOLA or call Vince Wall for more information at 530-351-3377.

Last years class was a great success. People who had previously had little or no experience in public speaking ended the course by presenting a series of wonderfully lucid and informative speeches to the public.

See Public Speaking at WOLA

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