Pit River Country is an area rich in history dating from the 1850’s to the present. These videos attempt to bring some of the stories to life with local folks who remember it, who lived it, who are living it, who helped to make it, and who are now making new history.

A Conversation with George and Robert Ingram about the History of the Inter Mountain Fair

Reflections and Inspirations of Pastor Sheadon Crabtree

New Office Manager for Burney Chamber of Commerce

2018 Candidates for Honorary Mayor of Burney California

Intermountain Adventures – a new local business in Burney

Bioenergy Cluster Project for the Intermountain Area

Meet the Candidates for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney

Hope is Alive 9! at Old Merc Pizza: A selection of videos

Videos of Candlelight Memorial for Dave Wicks Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lieutenant Mark Lillibridge shares some parting thoughts with the Intermountain community

Robert Ingram gives talk on Fort Crook Museum at Rotary Club

Ms. Colleen Courtright shares stories of Burney from the 1940’s

Steve Knoch recounts Knoch family and Fall River history

An interview with Kaylynn Harper, Program Coordinator for the Intermountain Youth Center

An Interview with Seabrook “Munko” Leaf about Big Bend Hot Springs

Paul and Kathy Herington Share Memories Burney in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s

Shelly Warner at the Big Bend Community Center

Alex Colvin talking with Steve and Suzie Knoch about the Berry Family and Scott Lumber Company

Roy Carver on Bear Hunting

Trapping Fall River For 40 years

Roy Carver on Fishing and Old Times


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