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Invocation to Shasta County Board of Supervisors Meeting September 12, 2017

This is the invocation for the September 12, 2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting at which FOIL made its presentation for release of funds for the purchase of a new building for the Burney Library.

I think that it was quite timely and well worth heeding.

The invocation is delivered by Dr. Art Tilles of Temple Beth Israel in Redding.



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Nine new teachers for Fall River Joint Unified School District.

Nine new certificated teachers were introduced at the September 13 Board Meeting of the Fall River Joint Unified School district held at District Office in Burney.

New Employees – Certificated, 2017-2018

New Employees – Certificated, 2017-2018

Marissa Martin, SDC Teacher, Fall River Elementary

Melanie McDonald, English Teacher, Burney High School








Taylor Sloat, Science Teacher, Fall River High

Alicia Snow, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher, Fall River Elementary

Mario Teran, Spanish Teacher, Fall River High









Andrea Villani, Mt. View Continuation High School Teacher

John Villani, Resource Teacher, Fall River High

Amber Wooden, Kindergarten Teacher, Burney Elementary







Several of the teachers are graduates of the Fall River Unified School District. About one third of the current teachers in the District are graduates of Burney or Fall River High School who have returned to serve the community they grew up in.

After two years of increased enrollment the number of students declined this year by 29 students. Enrollment for 2016-2017 was 1226 students. Enrollment this year is 1197.

This was the first School Board meeting of the year. This is goal-setting time. After introducing the teachers and conducting the Regular Meeting, the Board adjourns and holds a workshop to set goals for the year. Employees throughout the district also set goals.

The process continues for several weeks. Then the board reviews all of the goals and boils it down.

Teri Vigil, President of the Board of Trustees said, “We like to focus on four or five major goals so that we have successful year for our students.”


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Intermountain Parade 2017

I went to the Intermountain Parade in McArthur on September 3. It was a fine tribute to the spirit of the people of the Intermountain area. I admired the fine horses, riders, and the wagons. tractors, and vintage cars that reminded us of our history and heritage. It was encouraging to see the various organizations who serve the community participate. Above all, it was inspiring to see the young people from Girls Scouts, 4-H, the Interact Club, gymnastics, and others who participated in the joyful occasion.

Here are some pictures:

4H Sharing flag etiquette

American Legion Honor Guard

Grand Marshall

Blue Ribbon Award Winner

Intermountain Royalty

A family event

Happy birthday from the Girl Scouts

Intermountain Heritage Foundation

Blue Ribbon Horse


Peterson Ranch

Interact Club

More Interact Club

Rawhide Cowboys

Young Cowgirl

1957 Fire Truck

Burney 4-H

An old wagon and horses

Caballeros from Burney


Here come the demolition derby cars

Lots of candy for the kids



Mustangs pulling an old freight wagon

It goes 80 mph and gets 100 miles to the gallon

A happy crew

A glimpse of the past


Meyers Memorial

The Buckhorn


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Taste of the Garden Fundraiser

On Saturday, September 16 there will be a “Taste of the Garden” fundraiser to help expand the Burney Elementary School Garden. The fundraiser will be held from 5- 9 p.m at 20268 Grogan Street in Burney.

The event will include microbrew and wine pairing accompanied by appetizers and a dinner created with produce from the Burney Elementary School Garden. Tickets are $25 dollars per person or $40 per couple. A cigar and bourbon pairing that will include a cigar with a paired bourbon will also be available for $10 per person. In addition their will be a silent auction.

The elementary school had a greenhouse behind the school, but it had fallen out of use. More than three years ago Jennifer Gideon began cleaning it up and collecting donations to start a garden where the children could learn to grow produce.

Burney Elementary School Garden

Three years ago, Kim Golczynski, Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator for the Burney Elementary PTA took over the responsibility for the project. All of the children at the school have participated, some in classroom projects and some working in the greenhouse and the agricultural plot.

The fundraiser will help expand the garden so that it can produce more food.

Ms. Golczynski said, “Our longtime goal is that the children will be able to use food that they grow for their lunches.”

Tickets can be purchased from Kim Golczynski, 907-821-0574, Email kimgolczynski@gmail.com

Tickets are limited so call soon.

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Fort Crook Lodge 250 give backpacks to second graders

Over the past week, Masons Jim Crockett and George Whitfield from Fort Crook Lodge 250 F&AM  delivered more than 100 backpacks to second graders in the Intermountain area.

George Whitfield and Jim Crockett passing out backpacks at Burney Elementary as teacher Michael von Schalscha and school psychologist Brent Beyer look on

On Friday, August 18 they delivered 12 backpacks to students in Montgomery Creek.

Montgomery Creek (Photo courtesy of Jim Crockett)

On Tuesday August 22, they gave out about 40 backpacks at Fall River Elementary School

and another 40 at Burney Elementary School.

Burney Elementary (Photo courtesy of Jim Crockett)

Then on Thursday August 24, they drove to Big Valley to deliver another 17 back packs to grateful children.

Big Valley (Photo courtesy of Jim Crockett)

This is the 16th year that Fort Crook Lodge 250 has done this program. Each backpack contained a ruler, a composition book, pencils, crayons, and erasers.

At each school, Crockett and Whitfield gave a short presentation before presenting the backpacks.

Crockett and Whitfield explain about the Masons

For instance, at Burney Elementary, the children listened attentively as Master Mason Jim Crockett spoke about the history of the Masons. He told them that this year is the 300th anniversary of Freemasonry.

George Whitfield asked if any of the children had heard of George Washington and explained that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were both Masons.

To help the children understand the Masons in their own terms, second grade teacher Joy Ford told the children that “the Masons are a club like the Boy Scouts, only for adults.”

Joy Ford helped the students to understand the Masons

The children appreciated the explanation and nodded and smiled.

The three core principles of Freemasonry are brotherly love, relief, and truth.

Mason George Whitfield shakes hands with a young student as he hands him a backpack

After hearing that the Masons were 300 years old, one young boy raised his hand and asked Mr. Crockett, “How old are you.”

“Older than George,” he replied.

“And I’m too old to be asked that question,” Mr. Whitfield quipped as the children laughed.

When questions were finished, all the children lined up in two orderly rows and advanced to share a friendly handshake and receive their pack.

Master Mason Crockett said, “We truly enjoy the kids and their expressions and gratitude in receiving the backpacks with the school supplies inside.”

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New Library for Burney Now

Representatives from the Friends of the Intermountain Library (FOIL) are going to the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 12 to request the release of $400,000 which was set aside from the Hatchet Ridge Wind Project for the purchase of a new library building in Burney. The meeting will be on September 12 at 9 a.m. in Redding. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

The funds were set aside on condition that FOIL could raise adequate funds to be sure that the project can be completed. FOIL has raised over $140,000 in cash plus $20,000 in pledges and developed a plan to use volunteers and in-kind donations to accomplish the project.

If their plan is approved by the Board of Supervisors, FOIL intends to purchase the building at 37116 Main Street in Burney to house the new library. Shasta County will own the building. FOIL will take responsibility to renovate the building for use.

The old library building, located at 37038 Siskiyou Street, was built in 1969. It has 1700 sq. feet of space. The new building will have 4800 sq. feet. The larger space will enable the library to expand its collection of books, provide more room for children’s activities, add space for individualized instruction and computers, and create a venue for community meetings and activities.

The old library building does not meet current building codes. It is located in a flood plain. It does not provide adequate air-conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter. The fluorescent lighting is inefficient and seating is limited. Parking is insufficient. When it snows in winter, the library may be closed because the street is often not plowed until late afternoon or the next day.

The new building will be up to code, well air-conditioned and heated, and energy efficient. There will be adequate parking. Located prominently on Main Street, it will be one of the first areas for snow removal.

Shasta Public Libraries maintains three branches, the Redding Library, the Anderson Library, and the Burney Library. The purpose of the Burney Library is to serve the entire Intermountain Area of Shasta County including Big Bend, Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Burney, Hat Creek, Cassel, and Fall River Valley.

A public library associated with the Shasta Public Library can provide many advantages for the community. According to Deborah Dean, Branch Manager at the Burney Library:

Being part of the Shasta Public Library system has many advantages. All patrons have access to information tools and resources selected by trained librarians, resources not available with just a “google search,” including online databases and eBooks. The shared collection means quality, up-to-date materials are available county-wide. Books not in the Shasta system can be ordered through a purchasing program called Zip Books. The staff is trained in library practices, reference and reader advisory. Reference questions are answered using a network of resources from the State, County & City libraries and colleges and universities. Shared resources also include shared program materials for children and adults.

Furthermore, FOIL hopes that with the expanded facility, the Burney Library will be able to make available to people in the Intermountain Area some of the valuable services offered by Shasta County Libraries such as adult literacy and computer classes and veterans services.

In order for FOIL’s plan to be accepted by the Board of Supervisors, the county needs to be assured that all liabilities would be met and state regulations regarding building codes and labor regulations would all be complied with. Plans for renovation would need to be designed by a licensed architect or civil engineer. Using volunteers and in-kind services involves developing a new paradigm of public and private cooperation. The county needs to be certain that performance will be assured.

FOIL is confident that they have adequate resources and a workable plan. They are willing to work with the County to make sure that all requirements are met.

In preparation for the meeting, FOIL is asking that people in the Burney and the surrounding Intermountain area to communicate their support for the new library. FOIL is circulating a petition supporting the release of funds for the purchase of the new building. They are also asking that individuals write a letter or send an Email supporting “New Library Now!” to:

County Executive Officer, Larry Lees
Shasta County Administrative Office
1450 Court St., Suite 308A
Redding, CA 96001-1680
Fax: (530) 229-8238 Phone: (530) 225-5561

and to members of the Board of Supervisors.

David Kehoe – District 1 dkehoe@co.shasta.ca.us
Leonard Moty – District 2 lmoty@co.shasta.ca.us
Mary Rickert – District 3 mrickert@co.shasta.ca.us
Steve Morgan – District 4 swmorgan@co.shasta.ca.us
Les Baugh – District 5 lbaugh@co.shasta.ca.us

Contact All Supervisors: shastacountybos@co.shasta.ca.us

1450 Court St., Suite 308B
Redding, CA 96001-1673
Phone: (530) 225-5557
Toll Free: (800) 479-8009
Fax: (530) 225-5189

FOIL is requesting that people also send a carbon copy, Bcc, of their Emails to FOILBURNEY@yahoo.com

People can express their views on the benefits the new library will offer or just write a simple sentence expressing their support.

FOIL Board Member Melanie Kerns said, “The more individual signatures, Emails, and letters we get, the better!”

For more information contact Melanie Kerns 530-335-2056 or Mary Barr 530-335-3596.

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Gary and Barb Bagley celebrate 65th Anniversary at Senior Nutrition Center

Gary and Barb Bagley celebrated 65 years of marriage at the Senior Nutrition Center lunch on August 16.

Gary and Barb Bagley with Linda Colvin, Walt and Lorraine Libal, and George Whitfield

Before the meal everyone sang Happy Anniversary. George Whitfield and Alex Colvin sang several songs in their honor.

The couple met when they were students at Santa Rosa High School. When Gary was 18 and Barb was 16, they eloped to Reno where they were married by a Justice of the Peace named G. W. Priest.

Gary said, “It’s been a long .journey that I wouldn’t travel with anybody else.”

Barb said, “Tic, tic, tic…”

Time goes by. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bagley!

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