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Dennis Shiplet gets big Bull Elk

Dennis Shiplet from Cassel shot a nice 9×8 Rocky Mountain Bull Elk on September 19 in the Pondosa area of Eastern Shasta County.

Dennis Shiplet and friend with Rocky Mountain Bull Elk head Photo Courtesy of Dennis Shiplet

Dennis Shiplet and friend with Bull Elk head Photo Courtesy of Dennis Shiplet

The 12-day season for Rocky Mountain Elk began September 16 and lasted until September 27. During August, Shiplet and friends scouted for elk herds and watering sites in the Pondosa, Day, Devil’s Garden, and Burney areas. Because of the drought, a lot of the area is dry.

They headed out on Wednesday, September 16th and hunted Thursday and Friday. If they didn’t succeed in getting an elk in the Pondosa area by Sunday, they planned to try other areas. Saturday Shiplet got lucky.

Asked about his success, Shiplet said, “I’m an old fat guy and I was lucky to lots of good help.”


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Bear Hunting for 60 years

Originally from Oklahoma, Roy Carver came to Pit River Country in 1949 to work in the logging business. He has been hunting and fishing in this area for over 60 years and has a lot of interesting stories to share. These two videos give a glimpse into his experience.

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